There is always a special kind of fulfillment that comes with gardening. It must have something to do with the magic of delicately nurturing and watching small plants gradually grow into mature ones, besides the chance for grownups to play with dirt. Food gardening has actually become one of the most favorite forms of gardening in many households in the recent past.

Gardening also comes with considerable health benefits. For instance, it promotes wellness through engagement in activities which promote healthy habits. As a matter of fact, most gardeners are likely to consume more vegetables and fruits as compared to those who don’t practice gardening. The physical activities involved in gardening also come as a form of outdoor exercise which is likely to relieve stress and significantly improve one’s mental health.

Having a beautiful garden in your backyard is also likely to add a lot of natural beauty to the surroundings and hence creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your home. You actually don’t need acres of space for you to practice gardening. All you need is a reasonable space in your backyard and a few tips on what your plants need in order to grow up healthy. While at it, you will find the experience quite relaxing and fun.

What Do Garden Plants Need In Order To Grow Healthy and Strong?

Like any living organisms, plants need good care and nurturing to remain healthy. Plants essentially have their own personalities and do require various quantities of different things such as sunlight, water and soil type. Some of the plants thrive in cooler and moister conditions while others love it in hot and sunny environments. Still some thrive in both types of conditions. However, there are irreducible basic ingredients that all plants need in order to survive. These are:

  • Sunlight

 The sun happens to be the primary source of energy on earth. Plants are known to harness the energy from the sun, in a process called photosynthesis, and converting it into their tissues. Almost all types of plants need sunlight in order to grow. Most plants growing on land, including fruits and vegetables require a sufficient amount of direct sunlight during the day. It is therefore important to know which type of plants can fit in your garden, if it happens to be a bit shadier with less sunlight penetration.

  • Water

All plants need various quantities of water in order to survive. This helps them to maintain their turgidity and prevents them from wilting and dying off during the hot summer weather. In a number of climatic areas, it might be necessary to regularly water your garden in order to supply sufficient water to the plants. This needs planning about the source of your water prior to beginning your gardening venture.

  • Soil

Though we have water plants, most garden plants only grow in soil. The soil will normally contain the water and all the necessary nutrients needed that are necessary for healthy growth. You can have your garden soil tested in order to find out whether it has the right pH to support growth of the type of plants that you intend to grow.

If the soil is found to be unfit for the kind of plants that you are thinking of growing, then you might need to supplement it with the right fertilizers. The garden soil can also be tested for heavy metal such as lead if you suspect that it might be contaminated. If you are intending to do your gardening in containers, you will have to buy potting containers that are suitable for the kind of plants that you intend to grow.

  • Right combination of nutrients

Just like animals, plants need the right nourishment if they are to grow healthy and robust. Apart from absorbing some minerals from the soil, plants also manufacture their own food, through photosynthesis, by the help of the sun. It is these nutrients that human beings and other animals derive from the plants when they feed on them (plants). Plants need elements such as phosphorus (P), Nitrogen (N) and potassium (K). If the soils lack some of these essential nutrients, they can be added manually.

Apart from the above essentials, your garden plants will generally need tender care in terms of nurturing through practical processes such as, weeding, mulching, and pruning for them to grow and form the kind of beautiful garden that you have always dream of.

No house is deemed complete without an efficient plumbing system. However, just like any other man-made systems, your house plumbing system might become faulty with time. Some of the plumbing problems do not need an expert to be fixed, while others like those associated with complications in the heating systems need to be handled by a competent plumber. You must not know everything about plumbing, but it is imperative to equip yourself with the most basic tips, especially those which have to do with plumbing leaks, if you are going to be in a position to take good care of the plumbing systems in your home and avoid unnecessary leakages. Here are eight essential tips on leakages.

Always Enclose Your Pipes In Heat

The exterior piping is always quite important. When cold-water pipes come into contact with the outer part of the building, especially if the water is not in use and the temperatures are too low, there is a high likelihood of the pipes freezing. Water may only not freeze if it is in motion, hence it is always advisable to leave all faucets open any time you are away for a long time. Although, insulating your pipes might be your ultimate solution.

Do A Regular Quick Check On Your Piping

It is never a hard thing to spot an anomaly in the plumbing system. Doing a quick check on any visible water pipes regularly, might help you to curb any major leakage before it happens. You wouldn’t want to be surprised by a paddle of water, from a leakage that could have easily been averted, soaking and damaging all your valuable stuff in the basement. You may not know what the tell-tale signs of a faulty piping system are, but if you notice buckling, rust or some water drops, that will be enough to raise an alarm on a faulty plumbing system.

Don’t Over-stuff Your Sink

If you have so much clatter stuffed under your sink, you may not notice when a leakage begins. You are safer taking a look regularly just to make sure that there are no drops from a water leakage.

Ensure Your Radiators Have A Good Level And An Open Valve

Checking the pitch of the radiator should be the first thing you do. Ensure that it is always pitched backwards facing the steam source. This makes the water drains back into the boiler after condensing.

Set Back The Spigot valve

Sometimes, installation of a frost-free hose bib is advisable, especially when the pipe passes through a cement foundation. The hose bib makes it possible for one to shut off the water near the inside of a home making prevention of freezing possible.

A Leaky Water Heater Is The Last Thing You Want

If the lining of your water heater wears off and water starts dripping from the base, know that your heater is almost dead. If too much water is leaking, give your manufacturer a call and supply them with the model number. Lady luck might just smile right and you might find that the heater is still covered by the warranty. If it can’t be changed, then at least a pan should be installed under it.

The Trap Leak May Be Traced Back To The Wall

Any time you have a leak; it might mostly be on the back side, where the pipe connects to the wall. This might need dismantling of the drain work. Sometimes you can even tighten it using your own hands to make the leakage to stop.

Replace The Gasket Instead Of Replacing It

Whenever any water is leaking from the shower spout, the most likely culprit is a faulty washer or a faulty seat in its body. If you have isolation valves to separate water to the area, it shouldn’t be hard to fix. Just isolate the water to the shower, dismantle the handles and pull out the stem which has the washer and do a replacement or a re-installation then watch how it behaves.


If you think you don’t know the cause of a leakage in your house and you have no idea what needs to be done, it is always important to have the number of a trusted plumbing expert on speed dial. Just make that call and seek professional intervention.

There is no doubt that the online marketing world is a tough terrain to navigate for many businesses. The fast pace at which technology is evolving and the ability to keep up with the adoption of new trends poses very unique challenges to many small and medium enterprises. Here are four of the most common challenges.

Utilizing the Mobile Experience Optimally

In the recent past, there has been a tremendous mobile revolution. The majority of people around the globe now own mobile phones or gadgets such as iPads sand tablets. This revolution means less time spent on websites, higher bounce rates and drops in conversion rates in major websites.

Therefore, only responsive business websites – which have moved with speed to reformat their content to fit the different users’ screens – have made any meaningful progress towards an enhanced mobile user experience. However, that alone might not be enough since mobile users are known to be more impatient. They are also searching for different answers, and might be at various stages of the buying cycle. Mobile users are definitely different and it is upon businesses to find new ways of adjusting their strategies on presentation and messaging in order to suit such users.

Management Of Social Media

Most businesses operate without a solid social media strategy. Social media is without doubt proving to be a force to reckon with. It provides a platform where consumers can give feedback or voice their dissatisfaction with services or goods offered by particular businesses. Social media can easily make or break any business with the current trend of small issues going viral. The same way, good attributes or bad ones in a business can easily go viral too.

Some of the most common problems faced by businesses on social media include:

  • Grappling with choosing the kind of content to produce
  • Means of producing quality content
  • The number of times to sell on social media
  • Finding the right person to execute the social media strategy
  • How to hold such a person accountable

Most of the time, the biggest problem facing businesses in management of social media have a thing to do with a flawed process. There are some problems with strategy and content too, but these are normally easier to rectify when compared to a wrong process. Social media marketing needs a highly disciplined process for executing and measuring of your strategy. There is also need for accountability. This is more difficult than generating quality content and strategy. It would be helpful always to begin with the process and then come to input and strategy.

Getting value for your money in SEO

This is one of the most common and major challenges facing internet marketing today. Most businesses hire professional SEO writers to write content for them and they don’t come cheap. While trying to break through competition, many small businesses will need cost-effective solutions of SEO in order to survive. In fact this has raised many questioning on whether businesses are really getting value for the money that they invest in the normally expensive SEO content generation. While the input is quite high, the expected output is low.

Businesses definitely need to know how much revenue the search engine visibility generates. This needs a lot of digging deeper into a business’s data. In this case, businesses should not:

  • Rely too much on rankings as a sign of progress. The customization of search results depending on particular locations and search history is likely to change considerably what one individual can see as compared to another who is over 10 miles away.
  • Create stacks and stacks of poor content for the simple reason of attracting higher search engine traffic. Even if the traffic increases, it will plummet at some point as very few people would like to stay on your site and continue reading poor quality content.

Beating Competition

With more and more businesses establishing their presence online, consumers keep coming across more choices. The only way your business can survive competition is by staying ahead of the pack and rising above the clatter. However, this is normally easier said than done.


With the advent of the internet, there is so much activity going online. With millions of people across the globe now connected to the internet through some form of electronic gadget, any business worth its salt must ensure that it has a strong presence online. There is no doubt that the modern marketplace is rapidly shifting to online platforms which make it very easy for consumers to buy goods and services from the comfort of their homes and offices. Therefore, there is every reason for any serious business to engage in a serious internet marketing campaign. Here are ten reasons why internet marketing is vital to your business:

Times have really changed

Yes, TV, radio and newspapers might still have their niche in the marketing industry, but there is no doubt that things are changing really fast. With the fast paced technology, even the traditional media outlets of Television, radio and print media have been forced to create their own online platforms in order to keep up with the changing times. With more and more consumers having access to the internet, any serious business needs an internet marketing strategy in order to reach more of its clients and meet the insatiable online demand.

Online Branding

The main reason why many businesses begin an internet marketing campaign is because they need to announce their presence and increase awareness of their brand. With most consumers spending some time online on a daily basis, as they do their internet searches, a good number of them are likely to spot your business logo or name and develop interest in what it has to offer. If your business doesn’t exist online, it is likely to lose such clients to competition.

Consumer convenience

With the modern lifestyles becoming busier by the day, more consumers are reverting to online purchases of the goods and services that they need. Apart from the time saving convenience whereby they can easily access information as well as order for products and services online, consumers find the internet quite helpful in offering them variety and several alternatives to choose from. They can easily compare products of different companies without having to move an inch out of their houses. You business can capitalize on this need and offer consumers what they are really looking for by availing ready information and instant access to products.

Boosts traffic to your business website

The use of the vibrant social media and quality online articles, as your online marketing strategy has the potential of boosting traffic flow to your business website. The more visitors you have on the website, the more chances you have of getting new clients and sealing more deals, as well generating more interest in your brand.

Cost Effective Mode Of Marketing

Internet marketing presents your business with one of the most cost-effective advertisement strategies. Looking at the cost of online marketing Vis-a-Vis those of the traditional methods of advertisement such as TV and Newspapers; internet marketing is cheaper by far. Setting up a website might be the only initial substantial cost.

Round The Clock Availability

Most businesses traditionally have opening and closing time. This means that those consumers who would have loved to come and shop physically might be time barred. However, with an online platform, your businesses can now be easily operational 24/7. This means that consumers can access services and goods any time of day and night, which is good for business.

Boosts Sales

They say, “Seeing is believing.”  Being able to showcase your products or services online is a powerful way of persuading consumers to buy. This is likely to increase the urge of some consumers to engage in impulse buying, which will definitely enhance sales for your business.

Easy To Maintain Constant Communication

Most business websites are interactive in nature with landing pages, in which consumers can give their email addresses and subscribe to regular newsletters, as well as testimonial sections which allow feedback clients. Such communication helps the business to improve.

Easy to apply personalised offerings

Online marketing makes it easy to provide a targeted demographic with customised offerings. The online ads are placed in a manner that which prompts the target audience to respond, unlike the TV or newspaper ads.

Builds credibility 

A constant online presence through internet marketing helps your business to offer your clients services whenever they need them. If your business manages to deliver any orders made online consistently, its credibility grows.

I understand how to google DIY options to nearly every scenario. I can really do it myself is a storyline that is completely different. No matter the “I believe I can, I believe I can” mantra in my head, there’s plenty of stuff I cannot do. Understanding this about myself is I prevented fiscal disasters. Duh, right? It different when coping with the pipes that are really essential to the functionality of your house and work place.


What’s a Pipes Permit?

A Pipes Permit is certification the accredited plumber in question has:

Fulfilled instruction demands and the State’s certificate,
Also, it means the plumber could be held responsible for breaking the rules set forth by the licensing thing. Pipes permits are State special; meaning, the demands may change depending in your place.

That tells me that plumber will understand a thing or two or short tons and ’s lots of hours.

Of course it’s entirely up to you if you employ an authorized plumber or not, but I’d like to give you a few of the risks of not doing

You’ve got no promise the contractor has the education, training or ability to match with some of the conditions to install pipes that are trusted and up to code.
In a few states, hiring an unlicensed contractor might not be legal. Do you genuinely wish to break the law?
Wrong pipes repairs or installations hold the possibility to cause sickness, harm, and sometimes even passing – not to mention why pipes services are closely controlled, property damage, that’s.
Unlicensed plumbers could be more inclined to act in an unethical manner and don’t report to a regulatory board.
Thus, there you’ve got it. Don’t kick yourself afterward, when you’re paying twice the sum of money to have something repaired that was ” that is mended by a jack of all trades. If you’re in my region, make sure to take a look at the well skilled, licensed plumbers at Pure-Line Plumbing. You’ll be happy you did!

Life wouldn’t be truly safe or smell extremely nice if we didn’t have proper water systems. Kitchen and toilet taps and faucets start to weaken and corrode.

Not all pipes help professions need years of high priced or expertise tools to reach. The principal consideration to keep in mind is if you’re up to do the work you must do and discover the fact that you need to evaluate this problem. Usually do not let your pride talk you into attempting an occupation that’s undoubtedly from the hold. You’re going to simply end up regretting your decision.

So make sure you always hire a licensed plumber, always use certified website like this one to make sure you don’t get ripped off!


Pipes Groundwork

There’s should you be going to truly have a plumbing disaster certainly no real system to correctly predict. You might face few minor problems making an effort to repair leaking faucet on your own. However, there’s constantly going to be those professions that simply scream out to be handled by a professional. In this scenario, also, that’s not you.

There are a few things you’re capable of doing while anticipating the pipes help to get there to minimize damage to attempt. In case the problem is a leaky pipe joint, try to seal the leaking area with tape or cloth.

Helpful Hints

To find a great plumber, avoid being scared to request your buddies as well as family in addition to the people you work with, to urge a fantastic plumber they’ve made do with before. The yellow pages Won’t be the top place to find a plumber because their services could be advertised by anyone, however badly they provide them.

That you don’t need if you’re up to your midsection in pipes help disaster to be concerned with finding the finest pipes help at the most economical rate. This could be the motive that you ought to locate someone qualified and reputable before you need his services.


The Typical Cost to Employ A Plumber

The typical cost to employ a plumber is $284. Professional plumbers have to be licensed, and most are insured and bonded. Licenses, which can increase the expense of the job are required by some pipes repairs. If a plumbing repair or installation needs cutting into or removing a ceiling drywall or flooring, this will even increase the expense of the job. Homeowners might need to pay overtime or crisis hours fee to the plumber when an emergency occurs after regular business hours. Some plumbing issues for example burst pipes may be entirely or partially insured by a homeowner’s insurance policy. This may reduce a homeowner’s price for hiring a plumber.


Common Services Supplied By Plumbers

Specialized plumbers offer services like putting in natural water, sewer and gas pipes when a house is being constructed or remodeled (see how gas pipes work here).


Variables in How Much Is Being Spent On Hiring a Plumber

The plumber could have the capacity to break down their speed of work into quarter hours. Along with work fee and the service call, homeowners will even have to cover the price of any supplies that are needed to finish a setup or a plumbing repair. When pipes services are desired on weekends or vacations, homeowners might need to pay a higher rate per hour of service or an added fee.

Homeowners can take actions to stop some plumbing issues. This consists of using sink traps so that it does not clog pipes to get hair and other waste. Using vinegar and baking soda can help keep pipes clean. Homeowners may also follow manufacturer recommendations for keeping water heaters and their washing machines. Other pipes problems are best left to an experienced and licensed plumber as improper repairs could lead to extensive and expensive damage.

So I was wondering what my best friend was going to give me for my 5th anniversary last month, she never get a gift wrong, she knows what I like and she never make mistakes.

So as usual we had dinner at my place in Gladesville and at some point I had to go to the toilette, when I got back I found a big package on the table, and this time there were no flowers, weird. So I opened it and what I found was this Garden Time box, I honestly had no idea what it was, but the image on the box was pretty clear, an automated grow system, so basically exactly what I need since I’m the worst gardener ever ahah.

garden time anniversary giftI opened the box and got the instructions, pretty straight forward. It runs on a 888 technology which basically means that the light is automatically set to change every 8 hours, to simulate the sunlight etc. Also, this iPot can retain a lot of water, enough for 30 days so you don’t have to add it every now and then. It is just great, it doesn’t use that much electricity and it is perfect to grow herbs, like basil, mint or whatever you like; so perfect to use next to your kitchen if you like to use fresh herbs while cooking.

I got the herb kit as well, I’ve seen you have to option to add it to your cart when buying it (so yes I know the price now LOL).

So if you are undecided on what to get as anniversary gifts to your friends go safe and buy Garden Time as I’m sure they will like it. Mine is Wood colour but on their website I’ve seen there are black and white as well, pretty cool!

To be completely honest, what I like a lot is actually the lights themselves as they are very useful especially at night time and a lot of friends have told me they loved the way it decorates my living room and kitchen area (yes my house is not that big 🙁 )

I’m not sure that anniversary gift identify garden time perfectly, since I think it might be definitely perfect for so many other purposes, like a birthday gift, housewarming or any other occasion, it just looks great to me.

So again, my best friend Laura got it right and she confirmed her good taste when finding a gift, I wish you will all find a friend like her 😀

I know this is no an extremely detailed review but I was so excited to write about it and let my followers know that I couldn’t wait, I will surely add more details once I tested it more time, I have had it for almost a month now and I’m very satisfied with the results I’m getting! I suggest you all try it and please let me know in the comments if you like it and what colour you got!

A big Kisss everyone


See ya!


video production

You know The script is a platitude; the volume never appears to be just correct; and within a minute of screening, your eyes are glazed over!

Badly made corporate videos can lead to audience losing interest—well-made videos have the possibility of bringing new customers and going viral.

video production 3It makes lots of sense to understand what’s required to make a great one if you’re contemplating making a corporate video for your company. Enter Sabre and digital theater. Here are a few things to contemplate:
Creating a corporate video begins with a creative vision. What do you want your video to realize—attain added customers or prospective clients, promotion from the media, function as an educational or informational piece?

Composing the video’s script, collecting a team that is qualified, procuring equipment, editing and advertising your video cash is required by all. Be sure to establish budget and a fair target before entering into creation and the creative process.

Creating script and a memorable creation summary demand your scriptwriters understand targets and your vision for the generation to help them awaken an emotional reaction from your crowd. Clear communicating with everyone involved—including fiscal backers and scriptwriters, directors, performers — is critical.

Collecting Your Team
Your video is just as great as the team behind it. By hiring a proven video production business that’s qualified to enable you to achieve your targets for the video make it the best it can be. Great businesses will be able to develop the team— etc., including directors, videographers, writers, editors, stylists, crew, production equipment Everything to enable you to produce your eyesight to video.

Everyone believes they’re a professional videographer with their smartphones nowadays. Nevertheless, the video is a medium that is very catchy, which is not difficult to create something that seems cumbersome and amateurish.

The Appropriate Storytelling

video production little yoyoHere at Little Yoyo, we have the needed expertise to make the narrative of your company come to life on the display.

The Accessibility To Gift

Another significant component of an effective video is the playing. We’ve got access to some of the most gifted performers in the Houston region. We’re capable of finding you the appropriate cast to share the message you want to get across.

Now you might be wondering if it’d simply be simpler to hire a video production business. Outsourcing your job is a perfectly sensible idea, although I’d support you to have a go at creating your video.

I know it sounds incredibly obvious, but you need to make sure the video production firm you choose is going to create something that correctly signifies ethos and the standards which you have for your business. They should have the ability to describe, in simple terms, the measures that they’ll take to understand your company and create video content that is appropriate.

We understand you’re busier than ever. It never ceases, right? It likely because you’re conscious that there’s not enough time in the day and are to do’s” if you’ve selected to outsource your video production.

So don’t waste your time and money and contact us today!