4 Main Challenges that Face Online Marketing Today

There is no doubt that the online marketing world is a tough terrain to navigate for many businesses. The fast pace at which technology is evolving and the ability to keep up with the adoption of new trends poses very unique challenges to many small and medium enterprises. Here are four of the most common challenges.

Utilizing the Mobile Experience Optimally

In the recent past, there has been a tremendous mobile revolution. The majority of people around the globe now own mobile phones or gadgets such as iPads sand tablets. This revolution means less time spent on websites, higher bounce rates and drops in conversion rates in major websites.

Therefore, only responsive business websites – which have moved with speed to reformat their content to fit the different users’ screens – have made any meaningful progress towards an enhanced mobile user experience. However, that alone might not be enough since mobile users are known to be more impatient. They are also searching for different answers, and might be at various stages of the buying cycle. Mobile users are definitely different and it is upon businesses to find new ways of adjusting their strategies on presentation and messaging in order to suit such users.

Management Of Social Media

Most businesses operate without a solid social media strategy. Social media is without doubt proving to be a force to reckon with. It provides a platform where consumers can give feedback or voice their dissatisfaction with services or goods offered by particular businesses. Social media can easily make or break any business with the current trend of small issues going viral. The same way, good attributes or bad ones in a business can easily go viral too.

Some of the most common problems faced by businesses on social media include:

  • Grappling with choosing the kind of content to produce
  • Means of producing quality content
  • The number of times to sell on social media
  • Finding the right person to execute the social media strategy
  • How to hold such a person accountable

Most of the time, the biggest problem facing businesses in management of social media have a thing to do with a flawed process. There are some problems with strategy and content too, but these are normally easier to rectify when compared to a wrong process. Social media marketing needs a highly disciplined process for executing and measuring of your strategy. There is also need for accountability. This is more difficult than generating quality content and strategy. It would be helpful always to begin with the process and then come to input and strategy.

Getting value for your money in SEO

This is one of the most common and major challenges facing internet marketing today. Most businesses hire professional SEO writers to write content for them and they don’t come cheap. While trying to break through competition, many small businesses will need cost-effective solutions of SEO in order to survive. In fact this has raised many questioning on whether businesses are really getting value for the money that they invest in the normally expensive SEO content generation. While the input is quite high, the expected output is low.

Businesses definitely need to know how much revenue the search engine visibility generates. This needs a lot of digging deeper into a business’s data. In this case, businesses should not:

  • Rely too much on rankings as a sign of progress. The customization of search results depending on particular locations and search history is likely to change considerably what one individual can see as compared to another who is over 10 miles away.
  • Create stacks and stacks of poor content for the simple reason of attracting higher search engine traffic. Even if the traffic increases, it will plummet at some point as very few people would like to stay on your site and continue reading poor quality content.

Beating Competition

With more and more businesses establishing their presence online, consumers keep coming across more choices. The only way your business can survive competition is by staying ahead of the pack and rising above the clatter. However, this is normally easier said than done.