So I was wondering what my best friend was going to give me for my 5th anniversary last month, she never get a gift wrong, she knows what I like and she never make mistakes.

So as usual we had dinner at my place in Gladesville and at some point I had to go to the toilette, when I got back I found a big package on the table, and this time there were no flowers, weird. So I opened it and what I found was this Garden Time box, I honestly had no idea what it was, but the image on the box was pretty clear, an automated grow system, so basically exactly what I need since I’m the worst gardener ever ahah.

garden time anniversary giftI opened the box and got the instructions, pretty straight forward. It runs on a 888 technology which basically means that the light is automatically set to change every 8 hours, to simulate the sunlight etc. Also, this iPot can retain a lot of water, enough for 30 days so you don’t have to add it every now and then. It is just great, it doesn’t use that much electricity and it is perfect to grow herbs, like basil, mint or whatever you like; so perfect to use next to your kitchen if you like to use fresh herbs while cooking.

I got the herb kit as well, I’ve seen you have to option to add it to your cart when buying it (so yes I know the price now LOL).

So if you are undecided on what to get as anniversary gifts to your friends go safe and buy Garden Time as I’m sure they will like it. Mine is Wood colour but on their website I’ve seen there are black and white as well, pretty cool!

To be completely honest, what I like a lot is actually the lights themselves as they are very useful especially at night time and a lot of friends have told me they loved the way it decorates my living room and kitchen area (yes my house is not that big 🙁 )

I’m not sure that anniversary gift identify garden time perfectly, since I think it might be definitely perfect for so many other purposes, like a birthday gift, housewarming or any other occasion, it just looks great to me.

So again, my best friend Laura got it right and she confirmed her good taste when finding a gift, I wish you will all find a friend like her 😀

I know this is no an extremely detailed review but I was so excited to write about it and let my followers know that I couldn’t wait, I will surely add more details once I tested it more time, I have had it for almost a month now and I’m very satisfied with the results I’m getting! I suggest you all try it and please let me know in the comments if you like it and what colour you got!

A big Kisss everyone


See ya!